Allied Chemical Corporation

     The Allied Chemical Corporation was founded in 1920 when five chemical companies joined to form one organization. The company was originally named the Allied Chemical & Dye Corporation. The Semet-Solvay Company was one of the five chemical companies which joined the corporation.
     The company produced coke. Coke is a hard, dry substance produced by heating coal to a very high temperature in the absence of air. Then, the coke is used in the manufacturing of iron and steel. The company also upgraded naphthalene into phtalic anhydride, a major chemical used in manufacturing synthetic resins and protective coatings.
     In 1945, a distillation unit was constructed in Ironton, Ohio.
     The company’s largest plant was located in South Point. The plant was a part of the Nitrogen Division. It had 1,100 employees. The plant produced anhydrous ammonia and nitrogen fertilizer. The plant was constructed in World War II. Allied Chemical purchased the plant in 1946. In 1962, the South Point plant was expanded.
     In 1958, the company changed its name to Allied Chemical Corporation.
     In 1961, the Allied Chemical Corporation had three divisions in Ironton. The Allied Chemical Corporation Barrett Division and Plastics Division were located at 3330 South 3rd Street. Robert I. Cooper was the works manager. The last division was the Semet-Solvay Division located at 3329 South 3rd Street. Harry Briggs was the superintendent.
     In 1963, the three Ironton divisions had a change in management. T. P. Hooker replaced Robert I. Cooper as the plant manager of the Barretts and Plastics Divisions. Robert H. Katzenberger replaced Harry Briggs as superintendent of the Semet-Solvay Division.
          In the 1967 Ironton City Directory, the Allied Chemical Corporation Barrett Division was not listed. Instead, an Allied Chemical Corporation Plastics Division was listed at the Barrett Division’s old address.
     In 1971, the Plastics Division was replaced by the Tar Processing Division.
     In 1973, C. L. Davidson became the plant manager of the Solvay & Tar Division.
     In 1976, Dean Jones replaced C. L. Davidson.
     In 1978, the only listing for Allied Chemical was the Allied Chemical Corporation Tar Processing Division. Semet-Solvay had become Ironton Coke Corporation. The Tar Processing Division was managed by Robert B. Rosener. Rosener remained as the manager until 1980 when Arthur B. Lynnworth took over.
     In 1981, the company changed its name again. This time the company was known as the Allied Corporation. The company also changed managers. Charles Davidson replaced Lynnworth in 1981.
     In 1983, the Allied Corporation was acquired by Bendix.
     In 1985, the Allied Corporation merged with Signal Companies. The merge resulted in the company being named Allied-Signal. Roger Haley was named plant manager of the Tar Processing plant and Robert Mittendorf was the general manager. The corporation moved to 3331 South 3rd Street in Ironton. The Ironton City Directory still listed the company under Allied Corporation.
     The company’s name first appeared as Allied Signal, Inc. in the directory in 1988. Robert Haley was still the plant manager. According to the directory, the company engineered materials. Allied Corporation was also listed.
     In 1992, Howard Simon replaced Haley as the plant manager at Allied Signal. He stayed with the company two years before he was replaced by Roger Haley.
     In 1995, the Ironton City Directory had two listings for Allied. Allied Corporation was managed by Charles L. Shope (Shoupe). Allied Signal was managed by Rick Goetz.
     Allied Signal had three listings in 1997. Rick Yates was the plant manager at Allied Signal, Inc. Charles Shoupe (Shope) remained the site manager at Allied Signal Incorporated (Coke Plant). Lastly, the plant manager at AlliedSignal Inc. was Rick Goetz.
     In 1998, the Ironton City Directory did not have any listing for Allied in any form. Marine Transportation Division was listed at 3330 South 3rd Street in Ironton. Kokasing Construction Company was located at 3331 South 3rd Street.
     In 1999, the Allied-Signal merged with Honeywell. The resulting company was known as Honeywell. However, in the 2000 directory, the company was listed under Allied Signal Marine Transportation Division. Richard Long was the manager.
     Joseph Rudman was listed as the contact for Allied Signal in 2001.
     In 2002, Daryl Quinn was listed as the plant manager, but in 2003 the company was listed under Honeywell Controls.
     In 2005, a listing was found in the Ironton directory for Allied Signal, Inc. They made polyurethane products.
     In 2007, OMI was at the former Allied Signal site.