Marting Hospital

Marting Hospital    The Marting Hospital was located at 311 South 5th Street. It was originally named the Keller Hospital. In 1914, Dr. Lester Keller sold the hospital to his colleague, Dr. William F. Marting.
     In the 1922-1923 Ironton Phone Directory, the hospital was listed under the new name, Marting Hospital. A housekeeper, Mrs. Maude Marting, was also listed in the directory. William, the owner, resided next door at 303 South 5th Street.
     By 1924, Maude was not longer listed as an employee of the hospital.
     In 1928, Dr. William Marting’s wife, Erma C. Marting, makes her first appearance in the history of the hospital. Erma was listed as the superintendent of nurses at the hospital.
     By 1930, the hospital had become a real family business when William and Erma’s first daughter, Dr. Anne D. Marting, became a physician and surgeon there.
     In 1940, a few things had changed. Anne had married Virgil Alstott and so became Dr. Anne Alstott. Dr. William F. Marting was listed as the medical director of the Marting Hospital. Erma was now the RN (registered nurse) supervisor at the Marting Hospital and Charles S. Gray Deaconess Hospital. This remained the same until 1962.
     On January 7, 1962, Erma Chloe Drayer Marting died.
     By 1965, the hospital was no more. Dr. William F. Marting resided on the property whichMarting Home and Hospital was now called the Marting Apartments. Dr. Anne Alstott had no record of employment.
     In 1966, Marting Apartments was still in existence. Dr. William Marting had retired and moved to 303 South 5th Street. Dr. Anne Alstott used the apartment building for her offices.
    Dr. Anne Alstott continued to house her medical office in the Marting Apartments until 1974. She moved her offices to 417 Jefferson Street. In 1974, the hospital was razed to make room for the Lawrence Federal Bank (present day Oak Hill Bank).