Let's Do It!!
Help in defining your topic

Your science fair project is a process. You start with your idea, follow six steps, and knock 'em dead at the fair.

To help you, we have broken each step into three parts:

One: straightforward instructions of what to do;
Two: links to web sites that will give you further information and ideas for each step;
Three: a sample project... follow along as Jenna does her project from start to finish.
Follow the links below for step by step instructions on doing your project.
YOUR TOPICHelp in defining your topic
Your topic will make or break your project. It must be something that is fun or you will dread doing it.
COLLECT INFORMATIONMethods for collecting information
You need to observe your experiment closely for the project to be successful.
FORM YOUR HYPOTHESISHow to form your hypothesis
What do you think will happen? This is the question you will try to answer.
TEST YOUR HYPOTHESISTesting your ideas
Decide one element that will test your question.
DO YOUR OBSERVATIONSStrategies for successful observations
Watch the one element you have decided to test.
REPORT YOUR RESULTSMaking your report a winner!
Clear instructions for a successful report. Includes a sample template you can download and complete.
TIPS TO WINKnock 'em dead at the fair
A plan, with lots of hints and ideas, to have a great day at the science fair.

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