Lawrence County Schools

     Lawrence County Schools have faced many changes over the years. Some schools consolidated with others. Many different buildings were built and abandoned over the years. In a report on education published in 1959, Lawrence County had ten public high schools and one parochial school. The public schools listed were Ironton, South Point, Chesapeake, Dawson-Bryant, Winsor, Hanging Rock, Rock Hill, Waterloo, Fairland, and Decator-Washington. The parochial school was St. Joseph.
     Today, Lawrence County can claim seven high schools: Ironton, South Point, Chesapeake, Dawson-Bryant, Rock Hill, Fairland and Symmes Valley. Winsor and Waterloo Schools were consolidated with Mason and Aid to form the Symmes Valley Schools. Hanging Rock and Decator-Washington joined the Rock Hill District.
     Our schools have faced many changes and no doubt will face many more in the future.
     Other Lawrence County schools not listed above include William's Hill School, Kelly's Bridge Schools, Kitts Hill High School, Pedro High School, Ebenezer School, Roach Grade School, Open Door School, St. Lawrence Catholic School, Wilgus School, and Ohio University Southern Campus.
    Other information about Lawrence County Schools:

Explosion at St. Lawrence Catholic School