How To Booklets

These booklets were created by Lori Shafer, Adult Service Librarian, to assist genealogy researchers. Information in these booklets does spotlight Lawrence County and the Phyllis Hamner Room collection. Although our staff do not claim to experts in every field of genealogy research, we hope these booklets will prove to be helpful. If you have any questions or would like to suggest a topic for a new booklet, please contact Lori Shafer.

Basic Genealogy
African American Genealogy
Native American Genealogy
Researching Business Histories
Researching Church Histories
Researching House Histories
Researching School Histories
Organizing Your Genealogy Records
Restoring Old Photographs

Sample Business History
Sample School History

Family Group Sheets and Ancestry Charts
Ancestry Chart
Color Coded 5 Generation Ancestry Chart
Family Group Sheet
Native American Pedigree Chart
Native American Group Sheet

Census Forms
1790 Federal Census
1800 Federal Census
1810 Federal Census
1820 Federal Census
1830 Federal Census
1840 Federal Census
1850 Federal Census
1850 Slave Schedule
1860 Federal Census
1860 Slave Schedule
1870 Federal Census
1880 Federal Census
1890 Federal Census
1890 Veterans Schedule
1900 Federal Census
1900 Indian Census Instructions
1900 Indian Census
1910 Federal Census
1910 Indian Census Instructions
1910 Indian Census
1920 Federal Census
1930 Federal Census
Indian Census Roll 1
Indian Census Roll 2
Indian Census Roll 3