The Phyllis Hamner Room is pleased to announce the addition of microfilm copies of Scioto Marriages from 1803 to 1911. The microfilm was purchased with the help of donations by Helen Gammon and other genealogy supporters.
            The genealogy room staff is working on a collection of indexes, including marriages, births, deaths, census and much more.
            The Lawrence County Genealogy Society just donated three sets of book shelves to expand the shelving space in the Hamner Room. The generous society is also donating money and materials to expand the collection. A special thanks to the genealogy society.
            We are also happy to announce the return of some of the Lawrence County Genealogy Society’s First Family and Civil War Family Books.  They can be found in the unlocked closet.
            The Hamner Room received another donation. This donation is in the form of a picture of the Hanging Rock School. It was donated by Lowell Mullins.
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