Birth indexes from 1868 to 2000 are available.
However, birth indexes from 1949-2000 have restricted
access and are not permitted to be copied. In Lawrence
County, births recorded from 1868-1938 do not have
certificates, only birth records. The library, also, has a copy
of Birth Registrations and Corrections volumes 1 through 16.

Census Records
The Hamner Room houses various census records. For Lawrence County, we have:
Census Indexes from 1820 to 1930
Census from 1820 to 1930 on microfilm
Index only for 1860 to 1880 Census
Census (in print) 1820 to 1850, 1870, 1900 and 1920
Scioto and Gallia County, Ohio census records from 1820 to 1930 are available, too.

Lawrence County Death Indexes from 1868-2000 from the Health Department are available. Like the births, deaths indexed from 1949-2000 have restricted access and can not be copied.
Ohio State Death Certificates are available on microfilm from December 1908 to May 1909. The library is currently trying to purchase more of the death certificate rolls. If you would like to help, donations are welcome.

First Family and Civil War Family
The library houses the First Family and Civil War Family books compiled by members of the Lawrence County Genealogical Society.

Marriage Records from 1817 to 1999 are on microfilm and 1999 to 2004 are available in print. Indexes are available for 1817to 1943 in print and are also located on the first part of the microfilms.

Indexes have been created for obituaries located in the local papers. Obituaries are indexed on cards from 1850 to 1900. Indexes for recent obituaries are being created by the library staff. Print versions are available for 2003-2005.

Other Lawrence County Resources
Ironton Newspapers from 1851 to the present on microfilm
Wills from 1817 to 1999 on microfilm
Cemetery listings for most Lawrence County cemeteries
Civil War Discharge Papers
Lists of Civil War Veterans
Limited listing of World War I and World War II veterans
Deeds from 1817 to 1875 (indexed in print)
Limited local yearbooks
Assorted Family History Books and Files
Ironton City Directories from 1882 to the present with some gaps
Historical Listings of Houses
Local History Books
Assorted Court Records (not including divorces)
Limited Collection of Books written by local authors (not available for check out)
Naturalization Records from 1817 to 1850 (on microfilm)

Other Resources
Limited Tri-State County histories and genealogy
Limited State Information on Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, and North



Census Records     


First Families and Civil War Families



Other Lawrence County Resources
Other Resources